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Xero Start up Checklist

Stage 1
Copy of Last years Financial Statements
Full years Bank statements Main Secondary and Loan Accounts since last completed financials.
A full bank statement of explained transcations so we can teach Xero  
Back up of Current Accounting Program.

(If Relelvant) Employees Names, D.O.B. Email Addresses, Postal Addresses, Pay Rates, Employments Status, Tax free threshold status, Hecs/Help Debts, Leave Accrued, Sick leave, And Bank Details and Super Information

Stage 2
List of Current Debtors
List of Current Creditors
Bank Download or detials of transactions that have occured in the start up gap. 

1 Hour of training in the use of Xero
This involves, writing invoices, coding bank statements, using payroll and how to use the discuss funtion, as well as other features. 

Stage 3, 
Go Live!. 
You will now be a Xero user. 
Part of our service is the ability to call anytime you have trouble or are unsure how to proceed. 
We are always willing to assist.

PAYG Group Certificates
Payment Summaries Pensions or Annuities
Eligible Termination Payments
Spouse Date of Birth and Taxable Income
Interest Earned from Bank Accounts
Share Dividend Statements
Annual Taxation Statements from Trusts, Managed Investments, Property and Cash Management
Income and Expenses from Investments
Business Income and Expenses (Self Employed)
Assets/ Shares, Buy Sell Statements 

A list of work related Expenses
Motor Vehicle Log and Expense Receipts
Interest and Fees on Investment Loans
Donations to Charities
Fee for previous year Tax Return
Income Protection, sickness and accident insurance costs
Super Contributions (Self Employed)
Private Health Insurance Details
Current HELP and FSS Debt amounts
Bank Account Details for Refunds

Sole Trader, Partnership, Company, Trust Etc.
Back Up copy of your Bookkeeping program,
(Excel, MYOB, Quickbooks, Cashflow)
Bank Statements covering the entire year.
(Main Account and Secondary/Credit accounts.) 
Loan Statements covering the entire year.
Purchase details of new assets (Car purchase contracts etc)
Loan Agreements for new assets. 
Details of Employees wages
PAYG Non Individual Summary (Total PAYG and wages Paid Notified to the ATO)
TFN and ABN of Business. 
Details of Directors/Owners 
Personal Tax Information for personal Returns